Job descriptions for vacant positions

posted Sep 30, 2019, 2:24 PM by dsihwei liu   [ updated Oct 2, 2019, 6:09 PM ]

CLSC General Activity

 Position Summary:

General Activity provides necessary assistance to ensure the normal functioning of school activities. Coordinates with the teachers as necessary for equipment set up and assist the school committees in planning and organizing activities, events and programs.

 Job Responsibilities:

1. Ring the school bell to announce class start and end times. (Also keeps the bell for the School.)

2. Assist in printing materials for teachers. Also keep the printer for the school.

3. Maintain the printer so that it is available when needed (toner is needed to be replaced a few times a year). Bring sufficient       copy papers for school days.

4. Help teachers with projector set up if needed. Check with teachers if they need special connectors (from their devices to VGA connection at Howard High School.)

5. Assist the facility manager in conducting the fire drill once a year.

6. Help with safety patrol of the school hallway while school is in session.

CLSC Registrar

 Position Summary:

Responsible for maintaining student records. Process student enrollment and withdrawals for CLSC. Maintaining a current database with students contact information, other registration information, bill payment and being available to answer prospective student's questions.

 Job Responsibilities:

1. Maintain and update/add family and students contact and enrollment information to the database, if database available.

2. Monitor CLSC registrar email account, respond to registration related inquiries or collaborate with academic dean and                principal. Create new CLSC family ID for new family, look up the CLSC family ID for existing/current family.

3. Calculate the total tuition fee for each CLSC family before the beginning of each semester: Generate total tuition for each family (using the tuition calculation formula). The calculation will include service credit earned by family (provided by CLSC Facility Manager), waived tuition of the teacher’s children and waived service fee of BOD members.

4. Collect tuition for spring and fall semesters, record the tuition payment information to CLSC database (or the EXCEL sheet, if the database is not available). When the collection of tuition payments is complete, give all checks to CLSC Treasurer for deposit.

5. Maintain a list of students who are in unpaid status and provide the list to the Principal and the classroom teachers.

6. Train and provide instructions to parent volunteers (usually two) to handle tuition payments collection.

7.     Generate class list for Dean and teachers. With students frequently add/move/withdraw at the beginning of school year, the CLSC registrar will generate the class list every week for the first 4 weeks in the Fall semester, and one class list in the Spring semester.

8. Assist with the preparation of the CLSC Directory. The Directory includes CLSC staff list, family information, class list, CLSC sponsors’ advertisement pages and student drawings. The student, staff, family and class data are from the CLSC registration database. The Directory usually breaks to two or three sub-tasks and put together by two or three parents with assistance from the CLSC Registrar.

CLSC Director of Development

 Position Summary:

 The Director of Development is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing all CLSC’s fundraising including the major gifts program, special events, campaigns and grant writing.  The Director works closely with the Board of Directors in all development and fundraising endeavors.  

Candidates for this position possess the skills to work with board members and other volunteers, have the desire to initiate fundraising activities, exhibit “follow through” on tasks and goals, display a positive attitude and show concern for people and community.

 Job Responsibilities:

1. Meet prospective supporters on a continual basis to establish effective communications with them.

2. Responsible for grant seeking and proposal writing.

3. Direct the annual fundraising program, including mailings and annual fundraising drives.

4. Coordinate fundraising special events.

5. Make public appearances to share information about CLSC’s missions in the community.

6. In charge of Board Development Committee meetings.

7. Maintain fundraising database and tracking systems.

8. Create publications to support fundraising activities.

9. Maintain gift recognition programs.