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Print and Sign Code of Conduct


Chinese Language School of Columbia (CLSC) Code of Conduct

1.      家長請留在規定的休息區,不得隨意進出教室。 When class is in session, parents should stay in the cafeteria area and not to enter any classroom without prior permission from the teacher. 

2.      家長必需先徵詢老師並獲同意,始得隨堂聽課。 Parents are allowed to sit in a class ONLY with prior consent of the teacher. They should stay quietly in the room and not interfere with the class.

3.      嚴禁家長在課堂上干擾或批評老師教學 Discussion or inquiry with the teacher should be avoided while the class is in session.

4.      敬請尊重並愛惜公物。不得恁意觸摸,使用或更動教室內老師的桌上或桌內的任何物品,包括黑板上的留置的書寫字文。 In the classroom, NEVER erase anything left on the blackboard from Howard High School classes, or touch or move any objects on or in the teacher's desk. NOTE: Such classroom violations may jeopardize our School's lease agreement with Howard High School.

5.      教室內禁止飲食和喝飲料。 No food or beverages are allowed in the classroom.

6.      學生違規和處理。 If a student's behavior during school is not acceptable (for example, disturbing classes, insulting the teacher, cheating, fighting, etc.), the teacher will give students warnings. After the third warning, parents will be notified by the principal either by phone or in writing. The parents will have to meet with the principal; if there is no improvement, the matter will be brought up at the Board Meeting. The Board may rule to expel the student.